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Application Monitors

The following monitors provide monitoring for all types of applications throughout a distributed enterprise including web servers, application servers, middleware, ERP and CRM applications.

  • Apache Web Server - Monitor Apache server statistics such as bytes per second, requests per second, and CPU load.

  • Citrix MetaFrame - Monitor the Citrix Metaframe server by measuring counters such as Session Average, Data Bandwidth and Session Compression.

  • MacroMedia ColdFusion Server - Monitor ColdFusion statistics such as page hits per second, Queued Requests, or Avg Req Time.

  • MAPI - Test Microsoft Exchange server by sending a message via MAPI.

        • Microsoft Applications - Monitor performance for most Microsoft applications including:

  • Active Directory

  • ASP

  • Exchange

  • IIS

  • SQL

  • .Net

  • Windows Media Server

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