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Interested in the BlackBerry solution for yourself or your business? Software and technical support services can be provioded by JKB Networks. Smartphones can be purchased from a number of wireless service providers.


BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Overview

Wireless access to email, phone and other corporate information is not a luxury for your mobile workers — it's a must-have.

With the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution mobilizing your workplace, your corridor warriors can make timely decisions based on the best information available, increasing their productivity and boosting your business performance.

The complete wireless solution for the enterprise

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution allows mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly, including:*

  • Email
  • Corporate data
  • Instant messaging
  • Phone
  • Internet and intranet access
  • MMS and SMS
  • Organizer


BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Architecture

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution is a flexible, IT-friendly solution that gives mobile users secure wireless access to their enterprise email and business-critical applications.

The key elements of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution architecture include:

1. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

Robust software that acts as the centralized link between wireless devices, wireless networks and enterprise applications. The server integrates with enterprise messaging and collaboration systems to provide mobile users with access to email, enterprise instant messaging and personal information management tools. All data between applications and BlackBerry® smartphones flows centrally through the server. Learn more about BlackBerry integration with:

  • IBM® Lotus® Domino® and IBM Lotus Sametime®
  • Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005
  • Novell® GroupWise® and Novell GroupWise Messenger

2. BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS)

An optimized framework for creating, deploying and managing applications for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. It provides essential components that enable applications beyond email to be deployed to mobile users, including developer tools, administrative services and BlackBerry® Device Software. It also uses the same proven BlackBerry push delivery model and advanced security features used for BlackBerry email.

3. BlackBerry Smartphones

Integrated wireless voice and data devices that are optimized to work with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. They provide push-based access to email and data from enterprise applications and systems in addition to web, MMS, SMS and organizer applications.

4. BlackBerry® Connect™ Devices

Devices available from leading manufacturers that feature BlackBerry push delivery technology and connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server*.

5. BlackBerry® Alliance Program

A large community of independent software vendors, system integrators and solution providers that offer applications, services and solutions for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. It is designed to help organizations make the most of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution when mobilizing their enterprises.

6. BlackBerry Solution Services

A group of services that include: BlackBerry® Technical Support Services, BlackBerry® Training, RIM® Professional Services and the Corporate Development Program. These tools and programs are designed to help organizations deploy, manage and extend their wireless solution.

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