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ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) technology allows us to transmit digital information at very high speeds on existing standard phone lines to homes and businesses. ADSL is asymmetric in that it uses most of the channel to transmit downstream to the user and only a small part to receive information from the user. JKB Networks provides ADSL service ranging in speeds from 6 Mbps to 24Mbps (bonded) downstream (to the customer's premises) and up to 3.2 Mbps upstream when bonding multiple DSL connections (from the customer's premises).


 Speed (down/up)Cost Transfer Limit*
 6 Mbps / 800 Kbps  $50.00/mth  Unlimited PPPoE - Single  
 12 Mbps / 1.6 Mbps  $100.00/mth  Unlimited PPPoE - Dual Bonded
 18 Mbps / 2.4 Mbps  $150.00/mth  Unlimited PPPoE - Triple Bonded
 24 Mbps / 3.2 Mbps  $200.00/mth  Unlimited PPPoE - Quad Bonded


1 Static IP - $4/mth (onetime $20 setup fee)

Modem Purchase $50

Advanced Bonding Router $250 (QoS, VPN IPSec, MPLS and more...)

Multi Site setup and management $100/setup, $50/mth per site to manage VPN, MPLS, L2 tunnels, Security etc.

Bonded connections require purchase of a multilink route, Transfer limit can change without notice due to CRTC rules.

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